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LABOUR TENS Hire Kit - Express post return (envelope included in the price)

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Introducing the ultimate labour pack for hire. Featuring two methods of Drug free interventions for managing/assisting labour pain. Whether it is your birth plan to go all the way drug free/less interventions or something to help manage pain until further interventions are needed this kit is for you. Also helpful in assisting with cramping with overnight induction procedures.

1. Tens Machine - Elle Tens 2 is a powerful and simple to use TENS device. Including a useful contraction timer your midwife will love and has been cleverly crafted for ease of use by mums-to-be, for the drug-free management of pain during labour and beyond. Exclusive Opti-Max technology is what makes Elle TENS products different to any other maternity TENS in the market. It gives you an extra reserve of power for when you really need it, especially in the final stages of labour when you need it most. Also useful for induction procedures. you can read more information here in regards to how a tens machine works in labour and the Dos and Don'ts. 

2. Reflexology Comb for Labour + Birth - ~ Open, Soften, Surrender ~ Designed by the wonderful Jen from Seasons of Mama who is also a Midwife and Reiki Master. This natural and very effective pain management tool helps women in labour by activating Gate Control Theory. This asserts that when painful stimuli (such as a contraction) is felt at the same time as non-painful stimuli (such as with this “handy” acupressure tool - pun definitely intended) pain signals are then limited from reaching the brain. Our design boasts rounded teeth to prevent any skin trauma from repetitive squeezing. Referred to as a “Secret Weapon” for labour and is a tool loved by Midwives, Doulas and of course, Mamas alike. This comb earns bonus points for being waterproof too, unlike timber.

All Items are sanitised between hires with alcohol sanitising spray, Bag machine washed, new lanyard, batteries and electrode pads for each user.

Kit contains:

1x Elle Tens 2 machine

1x Reflexology comb 

1x Storage bag

1 x Set of batteries (best to also bring an extra set also) 

1 x New Electrode pad set (4 pads)

1 x Lanyard

How do I use the TENS machine and comb?

You will receive an email with the instructions to refer to in PDF format. If you would like a paper book of instructions included in your kit please write it in your order notes.

What happens if I don't use the items during my labour/birth of baby?

We understand babies don’t often come on a schedule and things can sometimes not go to plan. If you don’t get to use it for labour it doesn’t mean it is totally useless to you, TENS machines have been shown to naturally help improve all types of pain.

Should you feel it is not something you can find a use for at all you can send it back as planned whenever you are ready before the end date, but we unfortunately cannot offer a refund in these circumstances if the machine has already been dispatched.

How do I return the Tens Hire Kit?

After using the kit, simply pop everything in the provided labelled Express Post satchel and get a friend, family member or partner to pop it into a post office box as soon as reasonably possible. We do recommend taking it to a post office versus dropping it in the box, so you can get a receipt and we know you held up your end if something goes wrong. 

If you are going to be late in returning the items please contact me to avoid a late fee of $50. We charge a $50 late fee as being late to return a kit may result in the next customers hire period being hindered. 

In the event of a non returned or damaged machine

You will not be required to pay a bond to hire but in the result of the machine not being returned or damage to the machine an invoice of $150 will be issued. In the result of not paying that invoice, debt collectors will be procured

 For further TENS hire agreement please read them here

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  • Provider’s ABN
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  • Address where the service was provided, and phone number. This must be typed, not handwritten (PO boxes not accepted)
  • Name of the patient who received the treatment
  • Date of purchase/hire/repair and payment
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  • Amount(s) charged

You might need a referral letter

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